Office for Production, Dramaturgy and Performing Arts

The Kompliz:innen are sharing a workspace as well as knowledge, creativity and work ethics.
The Kompliz:innen are strengthening the loose infrastructure of the independent producers and dramaturgs.
The Kompliz:innen are building  a solidar environment for artistic initiatives, projects, productions, ideas and interdisciplinary exchange.

At Kompliz:innen.space we work on our individual projects as well as team-up with each other. We are in constant exchange about best practices in our field, developments of cultural policies or curatorial trends related to the organizations we collaborate with and beyond, as well as about any other challenge of our time. We are dedicated to the ongoing inquiry of the potential of art and culture for everyday life. We are curious about social, political, and sustainable art and celebrate the pleasure of unexpected aesthetics. We are further working on our own development and are open to new impulses, questions and needs. Ideally, we are a solidary office community that constantly educates itself and empowers each other as cultural workers.